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All You Need For Your Cantilever Sensor Research

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Our state-of-the-art cantilever sensors platforms have been designed with the ambitious scientist in mind. The The Cantisens Research instruments serve as powerful tools for cantilever sensor research and application development. Support of eight cantilevers within an array, precisely controlled experimental conditions in either gas or liquid, rock-steady operation, Swiss precision engineering and powerful, easy-to-use software are among the main features of all Cantisens products.

Based on the proven and widely used capillary method, the Cantisens Functionalization Unit FU-401 allows to functionalize up to four cantilevers within an array simultaneously. While it can be used with custom designed cantilever arrays and instruments, the FU-401 shows its full power in connection with the Cantisens Research instruments by allowing safe, fast and easy transfer of functionalized arrays to the instrument.

Backed by two decades of experience in cantilever array manufacturing, the Cantisens Arrays are used by the most successful and productive research groups world-wide. These tipless cantilevers are characterized by their high precision and low manufacturing tolerance. To meet the need for mechanical characteristics tailored to the application, cantilever arrays are availble in five different geometries with or without a 20 nm gold coating on one side.

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