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Signal Detection and Operation Modes

  Beam Deflection Principle

Cantilevers transform a chemical reaction into a mechanical motion on the nanometer scale. This motion can be measured directly by deflecting a light beam from the cantilever surface.

Concentris uses an array of parallel VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) as stable, robust and proven light source. A state-of-the-art position sensitive detector is employed as detection device.

  Operation Modes

The static mode is used to obtain information regarding the presence of certain target molecules in the sample substance. The surface stress caused by the adsorption of these molecules results in minute deflections of the cantilever. This deflection directly correlates with the concentration of the target substance.

The dynamic mode allows quantitative analysis of mass loads in the sub-picogram area. As molecules get adsorbed, minimal shifts in the resonance frequency of an oscillating cantilever can be measured and associated to reference data of the target substance.

Both modes can also be operated simultaneously.

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